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Be free from wires. Wirelessly stream your music and calls with premium sound, long battery life, and the latest technology. Browse our selection of models, from voice assistant to sport, we’ve got you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best wireless earbuds?
The JBL Live Free 2 TWS are fantastic true wireless earbuds that give you seven hours of playtime with one charge and 28 hours if you also use the charging case. With plenty of bass and only 15 minutes of Speed Charge gives you another four hours of playtime, these are a great pair of simple wireless earbuds for anyone. 

The JBL Endurance Peak 3 are hearty bass in-ear earbuds that are perfect for workouts. The comfortable ear clip with simple controls keeps the earbuds in place for its total of 30 hours of playback with the combination of earbud playtime and case charging. 

The JBL Reflect Aero TWS earbuds are designed for outdoor sports and are waterproof so that nothing will stand in the way of your workout. The impressive bass, flexible and comfortable ear tips and up to 50 hours of total battery life will ensure nothing slows you down. 

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2. How to pair wireless earbuds? 
Turn on the device you want to pair your earbuds with and ensure your earbuds are within three feet of the paring device. Hold down the power button on your earbuds for at least seven seconds while the earbuds are off. When the light starts blinking, let go of the button, and the earbuds will be in pairing mode. Now go to your paired device and find the Bluetooth or other connected devices settings to ensure everything is correctly paired. You should see a connection formation message once both devices are communicating. Also, note each brand or model earbuds can have different pairing methods, so consult the manuals in the box or online if you are having issues. 
3. How to use wireless earbuds?
Before you can use your wireless earbuds, you should ensure they are at 100% charge and unplug the charging cable before use. Pull the earbuds out of the case, then press and hold the multi-function buttons on both earbuds until the flashing lights indicate the earbuds are now in pairing mode. Ensure your pairing device is looking for Bluetooth signals and will accept new devices. In your Bluetooth settings, you can search for active devices and find the name of your earbuds to connect. You should see a connection confirmation message, and then your earbuds are ready to use. Also, note each brand or model earbuds can have different pairing methods, so consult the manuals in the box or online if you are having issues.

4. How to connect wireless earbuds to iPhone?
On your iPhone, go into settings and then Bluetooth to enable Bluetooth capability. Leave this screen open as you will need it later in the process. Now put your earbuds, wireless headphones, or other Bluetooth accessory in discovery mode. You typically enter discovery mode by holding down buttons and waiting for a change in lights but check the instructions for your specific device. Now, go back to your iPhone and Bluetooth settings to accept the accessory when it appears. Note that the device name might appear different on your phone than online but look for common words like the brand or model name. You may need to enter a pin or password to accept new Bluetooth devices, so also have that information from your personal records or product documentation ready. 

5. How to charge wireless earbuds?
Charging wireless earbuds is remarkably simple. Simply place the earbuds back in their charging case and make sure the case is on. If you are trying to recharge your earbuds, turn off the earbuds before putting them back in the case. You should also ensure your charging is either plugged in or has enough energy to charge your earbuds. Some earbuds and charging cases use multi-function buttons and lights, so make sure you reach the instructions as each model can have different steps to recharge. 

6. How long does it take to fully charge the earbuds?
The exact charge time for earbuds varies by model and manufacturer. The average charge time has come down in recent years, but a full 0 to 100 typically takes at least two hours but can take longer. You can get a partial charge which is good enough to power your earbuds for a short errand but not a full day of use. Each set of earbuds should give you a general idea of charging time on the marketing materials or inside the box in the technical documentation.

7. What are true wireless earbuds?
True wireless earbuds refer to Bluetooth or similar earbuds that have no cables or wires directly connecting them to an audio source. The mic, controls, and battery are built into the earbuds and or charging case, which is how the wires earbuds get away with no wires going to your phone or computer.