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Smart Speakers

JBL voice-activated smart speakers with built-in Google Assistant. Play your music. Call your friends. It's up to you!

Smart Speakers

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do smart speakers listen all the time?
Some people worry that the microphones in their homes are always listening and or recording private conversations. There is some cause for concern, but it is not a dire a situation as you might fear. Often-repeated trigger words from TV sounds or nearby conversations commonly fool smart devices and wake up your device when you did not want it. The microphones in your house listen for specific words that indicate they need to wake up and perform a task, not to spy on every word you say.

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2. How do I set up smart speakers?
Setting up a smart speaker is not difficult, but it can take some time to get used to voice assistants, especially if the speaker has a hard time understand your voice. Thankfully, getting to your voice assistant requires a quick and painless set up before you can effectively use your new gadgets.

The first thing you must do is read the instructions. Every smart speaker has different instructions and setup requirements, so do not assume they all work the same way. Ensure that your new smart speaker has power, and you have a device to connect to the speaker. Many smart speakers use apps to walk you through the setup process but be sure to follow each step so you can get to enjoying your new smart speakers.

(Every speaker brand has a different setup process, so there is no set of universal setup instructions.)

3. What can you do with a smart speaker?
A smart speaker is a voice-activated speaker that will respond to your vocal or digital commands. Every brand has a slightly different digital assistant that listens to your voice and gives you information, but you can ask most smart speakers the same questions and get the same answers across brands. Whether you want to know what the weather will be like later today or want to change the song, smart speakers can take care of a range of small tasks. If you have other smart devices, you can control them through your speakers so long as everything is compatible. Connecting various smart devices lets you close the blinds or turn on the heat with the power of your voice.

4. Can you use a smart speaker without a phone?
You can connect smart speakers through the Internet, but the initial setup may require a smartphone or pc to get your speakers ready. Some speakers use apps to guide you through the setup process but do not require a phone after set up, and you can control your smart speakers through your home Wi-Fi network.

5. What do people use smart speakers for?
Speakers are a fantastic gadget to have at home, as adding your favorite audio always makes your environment better. There are also few limits on what speakers can play as most audio files and standard formats. How you use your speakers comes down to personal choice. Some people set up speakers where they work out, but you can also dot speakers across your house for a robust music listening experience.