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JBL Introduces First College Ambassador: Flau’jae Johnson

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National Champion, budding hip-hop artist off the court with a commitment to inspire and make a difference to youth. Flau’jae isn’t your average college student. She's is an all-around superstar and the perfect partner for JBL.

“I’m always on the go and JBL’s earbuds and headphones collection is an unbeatable companion for my everyday life.”
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Laying down tracks in the studio with JBL pro sound, or staying focused using JBL True Wireless Earbuds, the sky's the limit.

“As I continue to pursue both my passions, I am grateful to have a brand like JBL who understands and supports me.”

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The newest JBL ambassador joins an all-star roster of ambassadors like musical sensation Doja Cat, basketball player Giannis Antetokounmpo and more. With individuality and championing unfiltered self-expression at the forefront of the brand’s ethos, Flau’jae’s commitment to these shared values makes this partnership a perfect fit.