The JBL Stage Series

A great loudspeaker is only as good as the sum of its parts and the JBL Stage Series leverages many technologies to deliver what will firmly seat them as best in its class.

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12" 500-Watt powered subwoofer


10" 300-Watt powered subwoofer


2.5-Way Dual 8" Floorstanding Loudspeaker


2.5-Way Dual 6.5" Floorstanding Loudspeaker


2.5-Way Dual 5.25" Floorstanding Loudspeaker


2-Way 5.25" Bookshelf Loudspeaker


2-Way 4.5" Bookshelf / Surround Loudspeaker


2-Way 6 X 3" Center Channel Loudspeaker


2-Way Dual 5.25" Center Channel Loudspeaker

Immerse yourself in a cinema quality audio experience from JBL, the choice of cinemas worldwide

For over 70 years, JBL has ignited the passions of music lovers everywhere. From beaches to rooftops, tailgate parties to concerts, JBL is more than speakers. We are the excitement as the band takes the stage, the emotion as your team takes the field, the raw power of the first power chord, the charged joy of the experience.

Take a seat at the center of precisely imaged immersive experience

Let thunderous bass and brilliantly distinct dialogue wash over you. This is how you hear your favorite movies and music in theaters and in concert. Introducing the JBL Stage Series lineup of loudspeakers; engineered to let you bring this experience into your home.

Stage includes three floorstanding options, two bookshelf models, two center channel variants and two powered subwoofer solutions allowing you to select the combination that best works for you home theater audio system or two channel listening experience.

High-Definition Imaging (HDI) Waveguide

To reproduce stunning high-frequencies, the Stage Series tweeter is mounted in JBL’s patented HDI (High-Definition Imaging) waveguide which was created for the JBL Professional M2 Master Reference Monitor. Waveguides contribute two significant improvements to the performance of the tweeters in the Stage Series.

  • Waveguides match the directivity of the tweeter to that of the woofer at the crossover by focusing the tweeter’s output into the listening window.

  • Waveguides decrease the directivity of the tweeter at high frequencies through controlled diffraction along the gentle transition from the waveguide’s conical center section to the waveguide’s outside edge.

Metal diaphragm tweeters

The tweeters utilized in the Stage series reveal all of the nuances of today’s music and film recordings by virtually eliminating unwanted resonances. This driver has low-mass and ultra-high rigidity for extraordinary transient response and resolution. With the inherent resonances of the drivers moved well beyond the audible range, unwanted sonic colorations are removed.

JBL Polycellullose woofers deliver unrivaled purity, power, and realism

Decades of JBL® acoustic research and development have made their pronounced impact. Stiffer cones deliver more uniform pistonic motion, for deeper, tight bass. And their lighter weight delivers amazing attack and accuracy. JBL’s Polycellulose drivers deliver true JBL sound, we’ll let a masterpiece – and the truth – speak for themselves.

Tools of the trade

Developing a great loudspeaker takes real science and expertise. JBL has led the charge since the very beginning and has pioneered many of the tools JBL and others use in the development of loudspeakers. The exciting new Stage Series leverages many of these to bring them to life.

Anechoic chambers

Imagine a room so sonically inert that sound reflections can’t happen. Such a room is costly to produce, but it’s the only way to conduct ultra-precise measurements of a loudspeaker’s primary output. JBL has invested heavily in chambers and our campus actually has three. These chambers allow us to continue to understand how materials, coatings and manufacturing techniques affect loudspeaker performance.

The Most Sophisticated Instrument Of All

Trained or untrained, professional or amateur, the human ear is and always will be the final arbiter of sound. And even with all of our technology, we’re still heavily reliant on it. Like all of our products, the JBL Stage Series have gone through and passed stringent listening tests with people of all types in multiple listening environments, which is how we can confidently predict how you’ll feel when you hear them for the first time.

Multi-Axis Analysis

Suppose, just suppose that your home theater room is not perfectly shaped. Is your sofa going to interfere with the nearly perfect output of your new Stage Series loudspeakers? The answer lies in a complex combination of literally thousands of on-and-of axis responses, which we have pre-calculated for your benefit. Rest assured, JBL Stage Series loudspeakers have been optimized for real-world rooms filled with real-world furniture.

2-1/2-way Crossover Networks

Each JBL Stage Series loudspeaker utilizes uses a high-order 2-1/2-way crossover network allowing for optimal integration between the woofer and tweeter yielding a smooth and linear overall performance. As with all JBL loudspeakers a Straight-Line Signal Path approach is taken to minimize noise and signal loss. This means we fully engineer the drivers so there are minimal fixes and additional components in the crossover. Sounds simple, but this is not the norm.The stage series features dual terminals so they can be bi-wired for even better acoustical performance.

Specially Braced Enclosures

The goal when engineering a loudspeaker enclosure is to make it as rigid and resonance-free as possible. The Stage Series using a very specific bracing architecture to deliver just that. Our combination of bracing pattern, materials and construction have been part of our DNA dating all the way back to when we engineered the loudspeaker for the very first talking movie.