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Refurbished Speakers

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can refurbished items be trusted?
"Refurbished" is a new term that is related to "used," but the two terms are not exactly the same. Used items are simply pre-owned, but there are no guarantees about the item's quality or condition as you typically buy used items as-is. Refurbished items are products someone else bought but returned later. The returned products are checked for issues or defects and potentially given fresh packaging before being sold again. Refurbished items, such as speakers have more assurances as the brand checks refurbished items before you can buy them.

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2. Is refurbished better than pre-owned?
Pre-owned means used. Refurbished items mean that a worker has checked it over and certifies it is suitable for re-sale. Refurbished is better because you are still getting a used item, but it has some checks that it will at least be functional and reasonably unworn.

3. Is it safe to buy refurbished speakers?
There are some risks when buying any used electronics, but there is no reason to be scared of refurbished products. Buying refurbished wireless speakers means you can score a great deal so long as you buy from a reputable seller. You should buy from the brand directly if possible because you might also get a warranty, such as Harman’s 30-day return guarantee, but not all brands sell refurbished units or guarantee them.