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Liven up the party with JBL's Bluetooth enabled party speakers featuring a dynamic light show.

Party Speakers

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you connect to multiple speakers at once?
There are a few apps, including AmpMe, Bose Connect, and Ultimate Ears, that will let you connect multiple Bluetooth devices. AmpMe offers the most flexibility as it is not tied to a specific brand like Bose Connect. With AmpMe, you can connect your smartphone and Bluetooth speakers to stream audio. You can create or join a party with many streaming services and sync with an unlimited number of devices, so you are never without suitable party entertainment.

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2. Can Bluetooth Speakers record conversations?
It will not be long before every standalone speaker has a voice-controlled assistant inside in the same way smart TVs have extra features as standard inclusions. While these features let you easily control your smart devices, they also pose a security risk as the voice-controlled assistants, and smart speakers can listen to your everyday conversations nearby.

3. Can Bluetooth speakers be linked together?
The ability to pair two or more Bluetooth devices together is relatively new, but the new feature is perfect for creating a connected speaker system free from unsightly wires. On Android platforms, you can use the Dual Audio option to synchronize with two speakers, two headphones, or two of any compatible devices to stream your audio to both devices. Multiple pairings on other platforms vary by brand and devices as each partnership could have different conditions limited by tech and brand agreements.

4. How many devices can connect to a Bluetooth speaker?
Bluetooth speakers can pair with up to 4 devices, and if a new device joins the list, the oldest connection is replaced with the new one. Try to name connecting devices with distinct names so you can tell which connection is which and which one you may be replacing.

5. How to connect party speakers to a laptop?
External speakers are likely higher quality than any built-in speakers on a laptop, but connecting the right audio sources can be a mess of menus. Follow the steps below to connect external speakers to your laptop:

1) If your external speakers require a cable connection, plug the cable into your laptop using the port with a small speaker symbol or match the colors on the jack with the color around the port.
2) Search for Sound Settings in the Windows search bar at the bottom of your screen.
3) You can select your input and output devices from the Sound Setting panel – speakers will be your output device.
4) Once you have the right speakers selected as an output, click on device properties to access more options with even more choices under the additional device properties menu.
5) Within additional device properties, you can adjust levels rather than controlling the speakers with a physical dial and add enhancements if you wish.
6)Click OK and close out the dialogue boxes to save your changes. You can also look at the communications tab of the sound settings menu to adjust background noise and other factors that affect voice calls. You should test the audio of your new wireless speakers to ensure you configured everything correctly and things sound how you intended.