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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best over ear headphones?
Over-the-ear headphones remain the best option for high-quality audio, comfort, and modern audio features. While headphones are not the smallest or most portable option, they will continue to offer users the best experience. 
The JBL TUNE 660NC are perfect daily drivers with 44 hours of battery life, active noise canceling, and deep bass audiophiles will appreciate. With Bluetooth, hands-free calling, voice assistant support, and a reasonable price tag, there is little these lightweight headphones cannot do. 
The JBL CLUB 950NC headphones are for the audio enthusiasts who want to get lost in their music and take full advantage of active noise-canceling, so nothing gets in the way of beautiful sound. Controls on the side of the earcups let you change the bass boost, use smart voice assistants, and adjust your audio during all 55 hours of battery life. 

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2. How to clean over ear headphones?
Headphones are reasonably simple to clean as the outer housing only needs some light soapy water or a wet wipe to clean the surface. Pay more attention to areas you touch as skin oils and dirt can build up there. If you have a cable or wire for your headphones, wipe that down with a cloth, too, as dust will cling to the cable.

3. How to wear over ear headphones?
Over-ear headphones are mercifully simple to wear and use for hours. The main band acts similarly to how an earmuff band holds the cups in place over your ears. However, do not just shove your ears in the cups as folding or squishing your ear will hurt over time. Use your hands to situate your ears inside the cups and adjust the band's height to get the perfect fit. Some models of over-ear headphones will have an L and R, so you know which way the wireless headphones should face. If your headphones still are not fitting right, you can try to modify some features to make them more comfortable.

4. How do you make over ear headphones more comfortable?
Not all headphones are comfortable to wear right out of the box. You can make your headphones a little more comfortable and custom, but be careful not to overdo it as permanent changes to the product may not be covered under your warranty. You can stretch the headband of your headphones over a box slightly larger than your head so that the band will not squeeze your head so tightly. Add an extra cushion under the headband to hold the headphones off your head a little more and reduce the feeling of weight during long use sessions. Some models will let you switch out ear cups and pads for different ones that are more to your liking. You can technically remove all pads and cups but cutting for forcing them off might make it impossible to put the device back together correctly. However, if there is too much padding in your ear pads, you can try removing some of it to deepen the cup and give your ear more room.