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Take the party on the boat with immersive JBL sound. Shop durable marine and powersport audio solutions made to withstand the elements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can marine grade speakers be submerged?
Marine speakers were made for the outdoors, where they may get wet and exposed to other elements. While marine speakers can withstand splashed, rain, and direct water, they are not entirely waterproof and cannot be submerged as they will not work underwater.

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2. Do you need marine speakers on a boat?
Marine speakers are more than speakers with a particular color as they are designed to handle the outdoors and water specifically. Marine speakers are the best option for sound systems on boats as marine speakers will withstand salt, water, and temperature variations that are common on the water.

3. How do I choose marine speakers?
Picking the best marine speakers for your boat can be tricky as there are multiple factors to consider. The size of your boat and the size of the speakers must be compatible, or you must be ready for some rugged construction to make things fit. Your boat must also have enough power to power the speakers so you can either amp up your power supply or pick speakers that don’t draw much power. You also do not want low-quality speakers that sound bad. The trick is finding speakers that fit your boat, budget, and sound preferences.

4. What kind of special protection does my marine audio gear need?
Your receiver and all equipment that is not specialized for water should be water-resistant, protected from the sun, and feature protective properties to prevent corrosion or salt build-up. A radio cover will protect your equipment but ensure everything is secure as you do not want anything shifting with the waves.

5. How should I install my audio components?
Depending on your boat, installing new audio components can be a tricky job. Simple speaker additions are more straightforward but adding a receiver and other gear makes the job harder. The layout of your boat will also affect installation as drilling or cutting may be required.
It would help if you also considered your equipment and where you want different parts to go. Your woofer should go in a different place than your tweeter speakers, but these placements can affect the wire paths too. Unless you are well-practiced in installing marine speakers or audio systems, this is likely a job best left to the professionals.

6. Are there wiring harnesses for my receiver and/or speakers?
Every boat and vehicle have a different layout that can affect wiring and wire harnesses. Sometimes you get to choose a harness to keep all your cables in place, but other times you may need more than one harness to complete the installation. The best solution for you will come down to your boat and what options work with the layout.

7. What kind of wires should I use to hook up my marine audio system?
Marine wiring kits are not the same as normal kits used for homes or cars. It is much harder to find a metal surface for ground on a boat, so the wiring must work a little differently to suit the environment. Run your cables to the negative terminal on your battery but be sure your ground wire is the same length as your power wire as that is part of the rules for boat wiring. If you are unsure how to wire up your boat, it is worth calling a professional as making extra holes in your boat can quickly lead to disaster.