Get elevated with JBL and Google Assistant

JBL and Google Assistant

JBL, Hey Google!

With Google Assistant, you get a helpful, listening experience on your JBL headphones. Activate Google Assistant to send and read texts, control media and get information when you need it, without reaching for your phone. Just press the left earbud or earcup to get help from Google.

How can Google Assistant help you?

Enjoy entertainment

Play my
Workout playlist

How can Google Assistant help you?

Skip tracks, check news, launch a podcast and more while leaving your phone in your pocket

Stay connected and in touch

Text Michelle
'I am on my way'

How can Google Assistant help you?

Chat hands-free, send and receive messages or make calls using your voice.

Get answers

What's on my
calendar today?

Get Answers

Save time and ask Google to check your calendar, the weather and other information while on the go.

Find your way

Take me to the
nearest coffee shop

Find your way

Use your voice to find local businesses and get real-time directions from Google.

You can choose your preferred Voice Assistant via the My JBL Headphones App, free from the Apple App and Google Play Store

Google Assistant App

Set up Google Assistant on your Headphones

  1. Pair your headphones with an Android* phone
  2. Tap the Google Assistant notification on your phone
  3. Follow the setup instructions**

Give it a try: Touch & hold the left ear cup while talking. Release when you’re done.

*Google Assistant on your headphones is optimized for Android, but if you have an iOS device, download the Google Assistant app and set up Google Assistant.

**Don't see the set up notification? Check out this link for help

Google is a trademark of Google LLC.