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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best earbuds in 2021?
Finding the best earbuds for you is an ever-changing processes as new models come out every year. In 2021, you must choose from in-ear headphones, wireless earbuds, and more. The best earbuds for you will depend on your budget and intended use situation as professional audio headphones will not be the best tool for casual workouts. 

The JBL Reflect Mini NC offer 21 hours of total playtime with the charging case and uses active ambient sound technology so you can filter out the noise around you. The in-ear fit with tips will ensure the earbuds do not fall out during your run. 

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2. What are the best wired earbuds?
The headphone jack may be slowly vanishing from modern devices, but that does not mean all wired earbuds are ancient relics. It is hard to beat the convenience of wired earbuds as you can stash them in your pocket and plug them into any compatible port without needing to pair or synchronize. 
The JBL LIVE 100 wired earbuds have a braided cable to prevent tangles, in-ear squishy pads for the best fit, and a built-in mic that lets you talk hands-free. The carrying pouch will keep your earbuds protected, and the universal 3.5 jack will let you use these earbuds almost anywhere. 

3. How to clean earbuds?
Your wired or wireless earbuds will eventually get dirty, but you should be careful when cleaning them as small electronics can be sensitive. Mix a solution of one part dish soap and five parts room temperature water, then allow the removable tips or ear hooks to soak for 30 minutes. After soaking, use a Q-tip to clean the mixture out of hard-to-reach areas and ensure the entire piece is dry before re-adding them to your earbuds. You can gently wipe down the physical earbuds with paper towels or dry Q-tips. 

4. How to wear earbuds?
The best way to wear your in ear or wireless earbuds is according to the instructions that match your model. Earbuds without in-ear squishy-sized pads only have one way to wear them and only one size, which makes wearing them easy, if less secure than other styles. Earbuds with hooks or ear tips are designed to go behind your ear, and while the fit might feel odd at first, you will get used to it over time. Looping the hooks behind your ears also helps you manage any cables that might get snagged otherwise.

5. How to keep earbuds in?
Not all earbuds are meant to withstand vigorous activity like jumping, dancing, or running, and some wireless earbuds will certainly fall out during your most active moments. If you plan to use earbuds for specific activities like working out, you should invest in earbuds that have features to help them stay in your ears. Ear hooks or tips are some of the most stable options for sports earbuds. However, there are some tips to help your earbuds of any type stay in place. Ensure you are putting the right earbuds in the right ear by looking at the L and R markings on each bud. Use any accessories that came with your earbuds to get the best and snuggest fit.

6. What are earbuds?
Earbuds are typically a one-size electronic audio players that fit in the palm of your hand and wirelessly connect to other devices to source the audio. Sadly, the one-size-fits-all model can mean some users find earbuds unstable or uncomfortable, which means they could fall out or be so awkward the user gives up. 
Earbuds rest on the outside of your ear canal, which lets in the noise around you and be a factor in how earbuds fit. Some noise leaking in from the outside might not be bad if you are walking home and want to stay aware of your surroundings. However, leaking audio can ruin your bass and force you to play music louder to overcome the ambient distractions. 

7. How to use earbuds?
Get your earbuds and your paired device so you can start listening once everything is situated. Look at the instructions for your earbuds for any specific wear instructions or suggestions. Hold the earbuds slightly behind your ears and loop over and ear hooks or tips that will keep your earbuds in place. Bring the loop up and forward, so it hooks over your ear, and the bug sits in the middle of your canal. Check pictures for your model if you are unsure.