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Enjoy waterproof, long-lasting battery life indoors, outdoors or in the pool. JBL portable Bluetooth speakers are the best way to enjoy your music with your favorite people.

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Bluetooth Speakers

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can someone connect to my Bluetooth without me knowing? 
Bluetooth is a standard technology that many everyday devices contain as a standard feature, but that does not mean the feature is completely free from issues. Be careful where you use your public Bluetooth connections as it is possible for people to access your connection without your knowledge. 
It is also typically difficult to tell when someone else has connected to a device unless you are there and can see the device and a connected users list. When you leave your Bluetooth device on and the connection settings on public, people can see and connect to your device with or without your consent or knowledge. Be careful what devices you leave on and open to access when you are not nearby. Turn off any Bluetooth devices you are not using to save power and protect your digital security.

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2. How to Prevent Someone from Connecting to your Bluetooth?
Whether you are on the train, in a car, or walking down the street, someone with the right technical skills could hack your Bluetooth device without your knowledge. However, that does not mean there are no ways to protect your Bluetooth devices. You can make your speakers and other connections more secure by using these methods:

• Use connection codes: Modern Bluetooth devices do not allow for instant pairing, and you must provide a code to pair with a device before the connection is confirmed. Use these confirmation codes to limit who has access to your devices and quickly tell if someone is trying to connect so that you can stop them.  

• Turn off the Speakers’ Bluetooth: Turn your speakers off when you are done with them as devices without power cannot accept new connections. 

• Use Wired Audio Jacks: When you plug in a new audio jack, it becomes the primary connection and keeps other Bluetooth connections from taking over. The wired connection overrides any incoming wireless signals, but this change is reverted when you unplug the cable to go back to wireless mode. 

• Turning off visibility: If you have an option to toggle your device’s visibility, keep it set on non-discoverable until you want to connect, as leaving your device in public or open mode could let a hacker know your signal is available to exploit. Turning your device to non-discoverable or invisible mode ensures no one unwanted can connect, which keeps your devices safer. 

3. Can you leave a Bluetooth speaker plugged in all the time?
There are no dangers in leaving your Bluetooth speaker plugged in all the time. It is entirely safe to leave your speakers plugged in all day and overnight, even once it is fully charged, as the modern components ensure being perpetually plugged in will not cause a failure. 

4. How do you disconnect someone from a Bluetooth speaker?
Removing a Bluetooth connection is even simpler than adding a pairing. You can unpair keyboards, mice, speakers, and more devices with a few simple clicks. 

• Find your Bluetooth panel on your device, which is typically within the settings or devices menus, but you can also search for Bluetooth setting directly

Select the device you want to disconnect from the list of active connections and visible devices. 

• Click on the device and use the new dialog box to remove the connection before returning to the device list to ensure the connection ended adequately. 

5. Can you connect to more than one Bluetooth speaker at a time?
Some equipment will let you connect two Bluetooth speakers at once, but not all will let multiple speakers work together. Devices with Bluetooth 5 will let you pair two devices at once, and other manufactures may have developed similar solutions, but the ability to pair two devices at once is not yet standard across the board. 
Many JBL products come with a Connect, Connect+, or a PartyBoost that lets you piggyback different products to combine speakers. All you need to do is connect a device to a speaker, then turn on the other speaker and press the corresponding button. 
JBL also allows you to connect up to 100 JBL devices, which is a vast improvement over Bluetooth 5 features. The JBL Connect app helps you configure your speakers, so they operate in the best modes for your needs.

6. How do Bluetooth speakers work?
Bluetooth speakers receive a digital signal when a Bluetooth devices pairs with the speaker and sends the signal wirelessly. Bluetooth speakers accept the wireless transmission and convert it to the proper formats, so the audio is played like any other speaker in the world. 

7. How to pair Bluetooth speakers?
Every Bluetooth speaker has its own process for pairing, but most speakers follow a similar process. Completely turn off the device, then hold down the power button, look for blinking lights, or listen for an audio sound indicating something has changed. The most common indicators of pairing mode are blinking lights and a noise like a beep, but every brand is different.