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“Music has always been there for me, no matter what I’ve gone through. I want to provide that to other people through my music.” – Bebe Rexha

Singer. Songwriter. Advocate.
Meet Bebe Rexha

An award-winning singer and songwriter, Bebe Rexha is taking the music industry by storm with her honest, meaningful lyrics and songs that span many genres. As an advocate for mental health and self-love, she strives to inspire others to be unapologetically themselves and break through the mold.

Pushing the
Genre Limits

When Bebe Rexha is creating a new song, she doesn’t let genres hold her back. Whether it’s Latin or hip-hop, Bebe uses her favorite JBL products to dive deep into the music and find inspiration.

All types of music from all around the world inspire me.

Bebe's Picks

  • FLIP 5

    Bold sound for every adventure

    Whenever she wants to turn up the music, Bebe chooses the Flip 5 speaker. She says, "I use my Flip 5 every day. It's my absolute favourite JBL product and I won't leave home without it!"

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  • Club ONE

    Headphones that put you right on stage

    Listen like a pro anywhere. Bebe loves the Club ONE headphones because they allow her to completely personalize the audio, so she can hear every detail of her music.

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  • Tune 225TWS

    Stay Connected, Stay Wireless

    Whenever Bebe wants to feel at one with her music, she chooses the Tune 225 True Wireless headphones. Without wires to hold her back, Bebe loves how she can listen longer in comfort while still staying connected to the world around her.

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