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It has features that are great for kids, better for parents, and best for music lovers who want exceptional sound on every road trip. A JBL Premium Sound system with 10 powerful speakers fills the roomy passenger cabin with clear, dynamic, low-distortion audio.

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Quick Specs

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11-channel 605-Watt DSP amplifier

An intelligent amplifier that delivers specific information to each speaker based on location, reflections and signal arrival time. Audio is optimized, regardless of musical source.

80 mm midrange speaker

A new, lightweight, high-performing design, engineered to ensure that speakers, amplifier, equalisation and component placement work as an efficient ensemble.

65 mm mid/tweeters

They expand the soundstage, reproducing both high and middle frequencies. These small, light speakers use neodymium magnets and metal-cone diaphragms for outstanding response.

152 x 229 mm woofers

Front passengers enjoy world-class sound delivered by high-output woofers integrated with front tweeters and midrange speakers. The audio experience is solidified with rich, deep bass.

200 x 320 mm subwoofer

JBL’s largest Dual Voice Coil (DVC) subwoofer, it accurately boosts bass levels and delivers punchy low-end sound, enhancing the bass performance for all passengers

10 speakers Speakers
≈ 605 W Amplified Power
11-channel DSP amp Technology

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JBL Technologies


    DSP Amplifier

    JBL systems use amps driven by DSP Software for advanced Signal Processing. They deliver the widest range and highest quality of sound on the market.


    Custom Tuning

    Our engineers spend hundreds of hours collaborating with Toyota to make the system match the vehicle. Speakers are strategically placed so each passenger rocks to a full concert from the front of the car to the back.


    Dual Voice Coil (DVC) Subwoofer

    A Dual Voice Coil subwoofer produces deep bass and low-frequency effects with better accuracy and less distortion to enhance any soundtrack for the open road.