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Take a radical drive in an Avalon equipped with a JBL Premium Sound system, and experience power, control and bold sound from 15 speakers. It’s the first Toyota to combine JBL Synthesis® 7.1 Surround Sound with eco-friendly GreenEdgeTM technology.

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80 mm wide-dispersion midrange speaker

To replicate a live performance, the primary performer is placed at centre stage. An acoustic lens distributes the sound, while audio imaging expands the soundstage.

80/16 mm mid-tweeter Unity Extended Bandwidth speakers

Compact, lightweight, next-generation coaxials reproduce high and middle frequencies. With two diaphragms and a single motor, they perform like two speakers.

7 x 10 inch High-Efficiency (HiE)woofers

The system’s largest speakers deliver powerful bass throughout the cabin with minimal distortion and dramatic low-frequency effects.

12-channel DSP Class-H amplifier

It delivers power to 15 speakers, GreenEdge technologies increase output with greater efficiency, and proprietary software sends surround sound to every seat.

15 speakers Speakers
≈ 825 W Amplified Power
12-channel high-voltage Class-H DSP amp Technology

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JBL Technologies


    Synthesis® 7.1 Surround Sound

    Proprietary software converts two-channel signals into multi-channel formats, so all passengers experience enveloping, concert-like sound from every seat.


    GreenEdge™ Technology

    An eco-friendly technology initiative, GreenEdgeTM improves sonic performance while reducing power consumption, weight, and heat generation.


    Automatic Sound Levelizer

    ASL makes sure you can hear your music over road noise. As speed increases, so does the volume to compensate for ambient sound.