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Warranty Information

The JBL warranty on electronic components remains in effect for one year from the date of purchase while the warranty protection for loudspeakers remains in effect five years from the date of purchase. Warranty protection is contingent upon your JBL product being purchased within the continental United States, Alaska or Hawaii from a dealer who was authorized by the JBL manufacturer to sell such products at the time of purchase. For more information on JBL’s product warranty, see our warranty policies below.


JBL Home Audio Warranties


1 Year / 5 Years Warranty (pdf)

5 Year Loudspeaker Warranty Guide (pdf)

1 Year Electronic Warranty Guide (pdf)


JBL Mobile Audio Warranties


1 Year / 5 Year Warranty Guide (pdf)

1 Year Warranty Guide (pdf)

Yurbuds Warranty Information

In-Warranty Exchange

You may continue with your in-warranty exchange as a guest or register for a JBL online account. Simply enter your name and email address, select a password, then choose your custom security question and provide an answer. Once your account has been created and you have logged in, enter the model number of your JBL component and the date of purchase and your registration is complete. For Yurbuds warranty claims, please visit Yurbuds support section.

Request an in-warranty exchange

Out-Of-Warranty Service

If your JBL product is out of warranty, service is available at any of our authorized service centers. Visit the Product Support section of our site to locate your component and the authorized service center that is closest to you.