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Take the party outside. This loudspeaker loves Mother NatGo ahead, take the party outside. This loudspeaker loves Mother Nature. JBL® speakers are the musicians’ choice for outdoor rock festivals, so JBL home speakers like the N26AWII are just the thing for superb outdoor sound at home. A high-temperature oversized Kapton® voice coil and HeatScape™ motor structure allow effortless, loud, long play. The proprietary, durable WeatherPlas™ cone woofer gives you exactly the sound you expect from JBL speakers. A FreeFlow™ flared port increases bass response even more. And custom JBL drivers allow for Straight-Line Signal Path™ crossover networks that deliver a pristine audio signal. In any weather, this is the speaker to beat.ure. JBL® speakers are the musicians’ choice for outdoor rock festivals, so the JBL N26AWII is just the thing for outdoor sound at home. Its durable WeatherPlas™ cone woofer and FreeFlow™ flared port give you great bass response. And its Straight-Line Signal Path™ crossover network delivers a pristine audio signal.

Warranty: 5 Year Warranty
Model: N26AWII

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