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  • SB 300-S - TV soundbar with wireless subwoofer, coaxial and optical digital in
    Wall Mountable
    Your speaker can be wall mounted for the ideal home entertainment experience.
  • SB 300-S - TV soundbar with wireless subwoofer, coaxial and optical digital in
    Magnetically Shielded
    Magnetically shielded for placement wherever you want it, including right next to your TV or video display.
  • SB 300-S - TV soundbar with wireless subwoofer, coaxial and optical digital in
    Sleek, Stylish Design
    High-gloss finish that compliments any room in your home.
Make the sound on your high-definition television as mind-blowing as the picture. The JBL® SB300 soundbar system creates an inspired home theater audio experience every bit as rich, powerful and detailed as the images beaming into your eyes. JBL engineers built the system’s soundbar to complement high-def TV beat for beat, with dual 2-inch (51-millimeter) midrange transducers and a 1-inch (25-millimeter) dome tweeter. And the system’s wireless subwoofer delivers bass you’ll not only hear but also feel.

What's In The Box

  • (1) SB 300 Soundbar
  • (1) Set of audio cables.
  • (1) Set wall-mount brackets
  • (1) SB 300 wireless powered subwoofer and power supply.
  • (1) Quick-start set up guide.
  • (1) Owner's Manual
  • 1 39" (1m) stereo cable with RCA connectors

Product Specs, Manuals & Compatibility

Compatible with TVs, Laptops, and Mobile devices
Manuals & Downloads
General Specifications
Cinema Series
Audio Specifications
Subwoofer Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power
Subwoofer_Frequency Response
Speaker Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power
30W per channel
Frequency Response
42Hz – 20kHz (–3dB)
System Specifications
System Weight (kg)
Power Requirement
120V - 240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz, 160W
Number of Channels
System Weight (lb)
Power Consumption (Full Power/Idle)
160W maximum; 1W standby
System Frequency Response
42Hz-20kHz (-3dB)
Subwoofer Power Requirement
120V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 160W
Subwoofer Specifications
Subwoofer_Enclosure Type
Port (down-firing)
Subwoofer Controls
Level, Phase, Cutoff Frequency
Subwoofer Low-Frequncy Transducer
8" (200mm) cone, down-firing
Subwoofer Connections
LFE input, left and right RCA line-level inputs
Control and Connection Specifications
(Soundbar) Analog- left and right RCA, Digital- TosLink optical
Speaker Specifications
Speaker Controls
Volume, Surround Mode
Speaker High-Frequency Transducer
One 1" (25mm) dome per channel, video-shielded
Speaker Low-Frequency Transducer
Two 2" (51mm) cones per channel, video-shielded
Speaker Depth (in)
Speaker Depth (mm)
Speaker Height (in)
Speaker Height (mm)
Speaker Weight (kg)
Speaker Weight (lb)
Speaker Width (in)
Speaker Width (mm)
Subwoofer Depth (in)
Subwoofer Depth (mm)
Subwoofer Height (in)
Subwoofer Height (mm)
Subwoofer Weight (kg)
Subwoofer Weight (lb)
Subwoofer Width (in)
Subwoofer Width (mm)
System Weight (kg)
System Weight (lb)
USA Warranty Length
1 Year electronics & 5 Years lousdpeaker
Product Features
3D surround processing
A high-definition television with inadequate speakers is not a home theater. What makes a home theater is the immersive experience of not just viewing a movie or television show but feeling as if you’re in the center of it. The SB300 soundbar features 3D surround processing to create a realistic surround-sound experience. After all, a picture enters your eyes from only one direction; sound, however, comes from all around you.
Optimized performance
We’ve custom-designed the SB300’s soundbar and subwoofer drivers to work together as a single system, creating a synergistic experience that is more realistic than a typical pairing of mixed and matched speakers.
100-watt, wireless, powered, down-firing subwoofer
A downward-facing subwoofer keeps its sonic output from interacting with nearby walls, causing unwanted reflections, muddying the sound and sullying your ears. Instead, the SB300 soundbar’s 8-inch (200-millimeter), 100-watt subwoofer interacts principally with your floor, delivering a world of bass.
Versatile front soundbar
The SB300 soundbar interferes with neither picture nor sightlines. It’s magnetically shielded to protect video images and styled to blend in perfectly with both your television and your living space. The soundbar’s amplifier and left and right speakers are all housed in one sleek enclosure. Featuring the signature JBL Weave design and built to mount below your TV or on a tabletop, the SB300 soundbar engages you in the action.
IR remote control
The SB300 soundbar allows you to control its power, volume and audio inputs from an IR (infrared) remote control the size of a credit card.
Dual input connections
Please remain seated. The SB300 soundbar keeps you connected to your favorite entertainment sources without making you get up to swap cables. Dual inputs enable you to connect to TV and Blu-ray Disc™ or audio sources simultaneously.
Modern design
Streamlined curves and a minimal footprint combine to make the SB300 soundbar fit in with your décor and flat-screen TV. Long and powerful, the soundbar attaches to the wall below your screen or rests on your television cabinet, standing out as a piece of design while camouflaging itself as part of your overall entertainment system.
From the pioneers in movie sound
JBL engineers designed and built the SB300 soundbar with the same technology and craftsmanship that we’ve given the sound systems in many, if not most, of today’s world-class movie theaters. Over the years, JBL engineering has been at the forefront of cinematic innovation, introducing moviegoers to everything from 70-millimeter stereo to Dolby® and THX® audio processing. When designing sound systems – whether for recording studios, concert halls or your living room – we always use all our expertise to create the most vivid, realistic, all-enveloping listening experience.
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SB 300-S - TV soundbar with wireless subwoofer, coaxial and optical digital in
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SB 300-S

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