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  • MS-WBC - Wireless bass-boost controller for MS Series amplifiers
    All Weather Durability
    Speaker cone is polymer-coated cellulose fiber for greater resistance to the elements.
  • MS-WBC - Wireless bass-boost controller for MS Series amplifiers
    Wall Mountable
    Your speaker can be wall mounted for the ideal home entertainment experience.
  • MS-WBC - Wireless bass-boost controller for MS Series amplifiers
    Bookshelf Speaker
    A smaller footprint allows you to conveniently place your speakers in more places.
The JBL® MS-WBC wireless bass control provides shelving bass boost up to +10 decibels at an MS Series amplifier without making you connect any additional wires. The unique shelving-boost functionality of the amplifier’s digital filters ensures that you add linear boost below 60Hz without affecting the low-pass crossover frequency (and never affecting anything above 160Hz) – something that other amplifiers with external bass-boost control cannot promise. An onboard 3-volt CR2025 battery or optional hard-wired connection plug provide the unit’s power.

What's In The Box

  • 1 MS-WBC bass controller
  • 1 hardwire harness
  • Installation manual
  • (1) Owner's Manual

Product Specs, Manuals & Compatibility

Compatible with TVs, Laptops, and Mobile devices
Manuals & Downloads
General Specifications
MS Series
Audio Specifications
4-Ohm Power Output
Simple wireless installation
USA Warranty Length
1 Year Warranty
Product Features
Completely wireless operation
The MS-WBC is a radio-frequency (RF) device that communicates wirelessly with one or more compatible JBL amplifiers to control levels of bass boost. It is configured to the amplifier in a pairing process similar to the way in which mobile phones and headsets are paired. Every time the audio system turns on, each amplifier that’s been configured to the MS-WBC recognizes it instantly. Since there are no wires to connect, you can place the control wherever it’s most convenient.
One MS-WBC connects to multiple amplifiers
You can easily pair the MS-WBC with a quick 15-second (or less) setup and then synchronize it to multiple amplifiers so that a single MS-WBC adjustment makes all amplifiers provide the same level and speed of bass boost. The MS-WBC is compatible with all JBL MS Series car audio amplifiers.
Shelving bass-boost control
Where other systems simply boost the entire audio bandwidth covered in that amplifier channel, the MS-WBC recognizes that the low-pass crossover point must remain constant. Subwoofers do not sound great when they’re crossed over at 200Hz, which effectively is what happens in most other bass-boost designs. But this unit shelves the bass boost and provides a linear “lift” to all frequencies below the boost cutoff. The result is better overall balance of sub bass and a better transition between the subwoofer and other speakers.
Easy installation and low maintenance
It’s a snap to install the MS-WBC because it has no wires to connect. Installation hardware and adhesive pad are included with the unit; it even comes with a screwdriver. The unit derives its power from an onboard, wafer-style, 3-volt CR2025 battery. Or, in a maintenance-free installation, you can connect the unit to your car’s electrical system.
Low power consumption
Since it is paired to your amplifier(s), the MS-WBC knows when it needs to “wake up.” It responds and uses power only when an audio system is playing. As a result, the unit’s internal battery can last a very long time.
Intelligent last-position memory
The MS-WBC is active only while an audio system is on. It will not make adjustments inadvertently when the system is off, which ensures that no unauthorized hands can change its bass-boost level. Once the system powers back up, the bass-boost level resumes exactly where it was before the system turned off.
Optional hard-wire plug included
The MS-WBC is battery powered, but we’ve included an optional two-wire plug to allow professional installation at a hard-wired power source. Simply connect the two wires in the plug to chassis ground and to a switched or constant +12-volt DC source.
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MS-WBC - Wireless bass-boost controller for MS Series amplifiers
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