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The JBL® MS-8 dramatically improves the sound in any vehicle with an existing audio system. It’s got the power of a digital signal processor (DSP) to optimize audio signals and your car’s listening space, no matter what kind of car it is. Logic 7® matrix processing, a 31-band equalizer, user presets and precision active crossovers are but a fraction of the unit’s features. Onboard power allows direct connection for existing speakers, while pre-amp outputs offer comprehensive system expansion. Whatever your system configuration, no other car audio digital signal processor does what this one can do. It’s a true solution.

What's In The Box

  • 1 MS-8 main unit & 1 MS-8 display unit and base
  • 1 high-level input wiring harness (gray and white insulation) & 1 speaker-output wiring harness (clear insulation)
  • 1 19.7-foot (6-meter) three-conductor cable for display unit
  • 1 wireless remote control (battery installed)
  • 1 remote-control installation tray
  • 1 remote-control trim ring
  • 1 binaural microphone headset
  • 1 calibration and setup CD (includes instruction manual and quick-start guide)
  • 4 4x20 screws
  • 3 3.5x20 screws
  • 2 3x20 screws
  • 2 hexagonal wrenches
  • 2 adhesive pads
  • 4 alcohol prep pads
  • Quick-start guide

Product Specs, Manuals & Compatibility

Compatible with TVs, Laptops, and Mobile devices
Manuals & Downloads
General Specifications
System Integration Digital Processor
Power Output
20W x 8 channels @ 4 ohms, 30W x 8 channels @ 2 ohms
MS Series
Audio Specifications
Number of Output Channels
Up to 8
Maximum Input Voltage (Speaker-Level Input)
DSP Time Correction
Output Connections
8 x line-level; 8 x speaker-level
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
(Line-in>Line-out) 90 (Line-in>Speaker-out) 85
Number of Input Channels
Up to 8
Built-In Amplification
Electronic Crossover Functions
DSP, up to 8 outputs, 6dB/12dB/18dB/24dB/octave
Seating Position Optimization
Driver, front passenger, front area, rear area
31-Band Graphic Equalizer
Tone Controls
Bass, Mid, Treble
DSP Equalization
Maximum Output Voltage (Line Output)
Frequency Response
Input Signal Conditioning
Maximum Input Voltage (Line Input)
Audio Connectivity
Input Connections
8 x line-level; 8 x speaker-level
Aux Input
Other Features
Favorites Settings
Up to 5
Remote Control
Remote Control
Surround Processing
Logic 7® Surround Processing
Video Specifications
128 x 64 pixel LCD
Display Depth (in)
Display Depth (mm)
Display Height (in)
Display Height (mm)
Display Width (in)
Display Width (mm)
Main Depth (in)
Main Depth (mm)
Main Height ( in)
Main Height (mm)
Main Width (mm)
Weight Display Unit (g)
Weight Display Unit (oz)
Weight Main Unit (kg)
Weight Main Unit (lb)
Weight Remote Control (g)
Weight Remote Control (oz)
USA Warranty Length
1 Year Warranty
Product Features
A complete, 240W upgrade solution in a single, powerful package
The JBL MS-8 handles all the necessary tasks for dramatically improving the sound in any vehicle with an audio system. It’s got the power of a digital signal processor (DSP) engine to optimize the signals and settings for any in-vehicle listening environment, whether new or old. Logic 7 matrix processing elevates the listening experience of any two-channel source material, and onboard power allows direct connection to existing speakers. It’s a true solution.
Menu-driven configuration and measurements
Configuring your MS-8 unit takes less than 10 minutes. An included setup CD contains the signals required to analyze the inputs when you use the unit as an OEM (original-equipment manufacturer) integration device. If you connect the unit to an aftermarket product, the unit bypasses the signal-analysis portion. The unit’s on-screen menu provides comprehensive, step-by-step instructions for system configuration.
Real-time, in-vehicle measurement of listening positions
All of the MS-8 unit’s configurations require the user to wear the included on-ear binaural microphones for the initial setup. The unit collects data on up to four listening positions and subsequently provides an optimized setting for each location. This is one of the key reasons why the unit is such a breeze to use.
Sums and conditions the input signal for processing
Many of today’s OEM audio systems use multiple, bandwidth-limited active channels from the factory-installed amplifier. The MS-8 unit’s inputs can connect to all the necessary channels from the factory system and sum them together to achieve a full-range, 20Hz – 20kHz response. As long as the unit’s summing channels can assemble a full-range signal, the rest of its built-in technology will take it from there.
DSP correction of equalization and time delays in OEM systems
Once your MS-8 unit sums and analyzes your OEM audio signal, the unit’s DSP algorithms implement a correction routine that resets the frequency response to a target curve for an initial output response. In addition to correcting a frequency-response curve, the unit also strips away the time delay from any of its OEM audio-signal inputs.
Precise digital crossovers and 31-band, 1/3-octave equalizer
Once the MS-8 unit achieves all initial setup and target curves, it offers a powerful and precise range of signal-processing functions and filters, including configurable active crossovers on all channels and a 31-band (1/3-octave) graphic equalizer. As a result, the unit gives the user a high degree of audio adjustment and complete confidence in the settings remaining intact regardless of source material, output levels or other user adjustments.
Logic 7 matrix processing
Logic 7 matrix processing is widely regarded as the reference standard for making a realistic 5.1- or 7.1-channel surround experience from two-channel source material. Your MS-8 unit uses Logic 7 processing to make upgraded audio systems sound great. When enabled, Logic 7 technology provides an in-vehicle experience that no other aftermarket signal processors come close to matching. It’s yet another reason why the unit is a very effective upgrade solution for any car’s audio system.
Optimized listening positions
With the power of a precision DSP engine, it’s easy for the MS-8 unit to optimize the listening experience for one or more seated positions in your car. During system configuration, the unit can measure multiple seats and balance the audio output between two positions (or among everyone in the car), or simply store the measurements for later use. By optimizing each listening position, the unit always makes sure that you’re listening from the best seat.
Intelligent memory settings
The MS-8 unit features five favorite memory presets. Since the unit retains all individual audio, listening-position and level settings in each profile, you can easily switch among the five favorites and experience optimized seating positions, frequency-response characteristics or other attributes at the touch of a button.
Built-in, eight-channel onboard amplifier
One of the MS-8’s most useful features for an audio-system upgrade is its onboard IC (integrated-circuit) power amplifier. The unit delivers up to 18 watts RMS into 4 ohms (30 watts RMS into 2 ohms) across each of its eight channels for a maximum of 240 watts RMS. The onboard power is ideal for existing factory speakers where overall sound in the car is loud enough but just doesn’t sound that great.
Eight-channel pre-amp level outputs
Your MS-8 unit offers eight fully assignable pre-amp level outputs for virtually unlimited system-configuration possibilities in a large audio-system footprint. By combining the unit’s active crossovers to a channel assignment, you can configure front/rear/sub/center systems or fully active, three-way front/center/subwoofer systems with precision and ease.
LCD screen and wireless RF remote control
Your MS-8 unit features a five-line, 128x64-pixel LCD screen to provide easy viewing of the configuration and menu adjustment. You can navigate the menu functions with the included RF (radio-frequency) remote control. The LCD screen is easy to install; and, because of its small size, you can place it virtually anywhere that’s convenient for the driver.
Flexible voltage turn-on circuit
Your MS-8 unit has a traditional, wired remote turn-on that responds to any +4VDC (volts direct-current) or greater analog trigger signal, which makes it ideal for many of today’s low-voltage factory amplifier triggers. While many systems still provide a standard +12VDC amplifier turn-on trigger, newer OEM systems often use lower-voltage triggers. Where no viable analog turn-on signal is available, you can connect the unit to your car’s +12VDC accessory terminal.
Dedicated remote-out terminal to other devices
Your MS-8 unit is configured as the primary control for your audio system’s turn-on signal to all other amplifiers in an audio system – either the amps that follow the unit in the signal path (aftermarket amplifiers) or an OEM amplifier that is feeding its inputs. To that end, the processor provides a dedicated remote out terminal (+12VDC@1A) to drive the turn-on circuit of any outboard amplifier. These configurations help eliminate audible clicks and pops when the audio system turns on and off.
AUX input
The MS-8 unit features a pre-amp level AUX (auxiliary) input for easy connection to additional signal sources, such as portable media players, tablets, video-game systems or any other source with RCA audio outputs. The input is easily switched from the main menu and includes its own bass/mid/treble controls and relative level control.
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