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  • MPS1000 - 250-watt, 10
    10" Subwoofer
    10" Subwoofer that delivers all the bass you could ever need. Complete you car audio system with JBL Sound.
  • MPS1000 - 250-watt, 10
    All Weather Durability
    Speaker cone is polymer-coated cellulose fiber for greater resistance to the elements.
With engine noise, waves and gusty wind, you need big, heart-thumping bass or it just won’t register. Nothing delivers it like the JBL® brand. A high-excursion woofer with a polypropylene cone withstands salt air, corrosion, anything. A marinized, sealed enclosure and a 250-watt Class D amplifier give you a loud, long party that outlasts Mother Nature.

What's In The Box

  • (1) MPS 1000 10-Inch 250-Watt Powered Marine Subwoofer.
  • (1) Mounting template
  • (1) Owner's Manual

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Product Specs, Manuals & Compatibility

Compatible with TVs, Laptops, and Mobile devices
Manuals & Downloads
General Specifications
Mounting Cutout Diameter (in)
Mounting Cutout Diameter (mm)
Mounting Depth (in)
Mounting Depth (mm)
USA Warranty Length
1 Year Warranty
Product Features
Engineered for harsh marine conditions
With a marinized circuit board, stainless steel hardware and all the right waterproofing, the MPS1000 was, like all JBL® marine audio products, built to survive salt water, corrosion and other risks – and show you a great time on the open seas.
Tuning options for systems of any size
The JBL® MPS1000 has onboard 12dB electronic crossovers, giving you tuning options for systems of any size.
Optimize performance in any location
You may have your choice of where to install it or you may not. A variable bass-boost circuit provides additional bass tuning to optimize performance, regardless of where it lives.
Easy installation in tight spaces
Owning a boat takes commitment and work. Installing the JBL® MPS1000? Not so much. It’s also pretty compact at 9 by 10-1/4 by 2-3/16 inches with a low profile heat sink. You can put it in the tightest of spots.
Big, dynamic power
The JBL® MPS1000 has output of 60 watts RMS and peak power handling of 160 watts. You can fill the fresh, open air with great sound.
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MPS1000 - 250-watt, 10
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