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  • LS360C - 200-watt, three-way in-ceiling loudspeaker
    In Ceiling Speaker
    Get that JBL Sound without cluttering or interfering with the décor of the room.
  • LS360C - 200-watt, three-way in-ceiling loudspeaker
    Legendary JBL Sound
    You don’t have to venture far from home to experience the legendary power of the JBL sound.
The JBL® LS360C in-ceiling loudspeaker packs a lot of power into a small package. In addition to saving valuable floor and shelf space, the LS360C delivers enhanced, multiband sound with 200 watts of peak power handling and Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal™ (EOS) waveguide technology. The combination of a proprietary Radiator Plus™ woofer, dual 3-inch (75-millimeter) midrange drivers and a 1-inch (25-millimeter) pure-titanium tweeter lets the LS360C deliver the exceptional bass, precise midrange and clear high frequencies that you expect from 60-plus years of JBL expertise.

What's In The Box

  • (1) LS360C 3-way, in-ceiling home theater speaker with Radiator Plus Subwoofer
  • (1) Mounting template
  • (1) Paint shield
  • (1) Owner's Manual

Product Specs, Manuals & Compatibility

Compatible with TVs, Laptops, and Mobile devices
Manuals & Downloads
General Specifications
Studio L In-Wall/In-Ceiling
Grille Color
Audio Specifications
(2.83V@1m) 95dB
Nominal Impedance
8 ohms
Frequency Response
80Hz – 20kHz
Speaker Specifications
Midrange Transducer
Dual 3" (75mm)
Low-Frequency Transducer
7-3/4" x 3-3/8" (197mm x 85mm)
High-Frequency Transducer
1" (25mm)
External Height (in)
External Height (mm)
External Width (in)
External Width (mm)
Mounting Cutout Height (in)
Mounting Cutout Height (mm)
Mounting Cutout Width (in)
Mounting Cutout Width (mm)
Mounting Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
Weight (lb)
USA Warranty Length
5 Year Warranty
Product Features
25 – 200 watts suggested amplifier power range
JBL engineers designed the LS360C in-ceiling loudspeaker to produce radiating, accurate sound from an AVR (audio/video receiver) or amplifier capable of delivering up to 200 watts of power.
Proprietary Radiator Plus woofer
The LS360C in-ceiling loudspeaker uses proprietary JBL Radiator Plus technology, which adds high rigidity and strength to its rectangular, flat-panel woofer. The result is powerful, immersive low-frequency response that you can both hear and feel. Rather than directing sound straight down, the LS360C’s unique, angled baffle radiates the sound towards the seating area, thereby producing a realistic audio/video experience.
Dual 3" (75mm) midrange drivers plus 1" (25mm) pure-titanium tweeter
LS360C in-ceiling loudspeakers deliver the clear, crisp sound required for today’s home theaters and music-playback systems. A pair of 3-inch (75-millimeter) midrange drivers and a pure-titanium tweeter produce highly detailed sound with dramatically reduced distortion.
Three-way loudspeaker configuration
With its high-quality speaker cones, three-way configuration and proprietary JBL engineering, the LS360 in-ceiling loudspeaker handles a full range of playback frequencies. Realistic imaging puts you in the middle of the action while you’re enjoying a movie or listening to music.
Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal (EOS) waveguide for “sit-anywhere” sound
Forget about “sweet spots.” With proprietary JBL Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal (EOS) waveguide technology, your whole room becomes a perfect listening position. Originally designed for JBL Professional LSR studio monitors, the LS360C in-ceiling loudspeaker’s EOS waveguide distributes sound evenly throughout the playback area.
Enclosed, built-in back box
The best-sounding in-ceiling loudspeaker will not improve your home entertainment system if the sound becomes lost in the ceiling. The LS360C in-ceiling loudspeaker features a down-firing, pendant-style back box, whose enclosed design projects sound where it belongs – within your room.
Low profile and easy installation
With a shallow mounting depth of just 5-5/8 inches (142 millimeters) and weighing only 8 pounds (3.5 kilograms), the lightweight, space-saving LS360C in-ceiling loudspeaker offers maximum installation flexibility. A cutting template accommodates retrofit applications, while rough-in frames are available for new construction. A boundary-compensation switch and independent tweeter-level controls let you further tailor the sound.
Superior off-axis response
With a unique off-axis design, the LS360C in-ceiling loudspeaker can reproduce a broad sound field from any angle. It is a perfect solution for use above doorways or windows, for example, or in any other tough spot within a home.
Paintable grille and frame
The JBL LS360C in-ceiling loudspeakers offer outstanding performance, but that doesn’t mean that they have to stand out in a room! You can paint the frames and grilles so that the loudspeakers match your ceiling color and décor. You’ll hardly notice LS360C in-ceiling loudspeakers – until you turn them on.
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LS360C - 200-watt, three-way in-ceiling loudspeaker
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