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  • JBL Duet II - High-performance computer speakers
    Aux Connection
    Auxiliary-input (aux in) connector allows you to plug into practically any audio device.
  • JBL Duet II - High-performance computer speakers
    Easy to install, requires virtually no setup. Just connect and play.
Working, playing computer games, listening to music or surfing the Web is more fun when you have great sound. Proprietary JBL® Phoenix transducers reproduce sound you won’t believe from something so small and simple. Plug the Duet™ II into a wall outlet. Use the mini-jack to connect it to almost any audio source. You have instant, two-channel JBL sound.

What's In The Box

  • (2) DUET II Speakers
  • (1) Power supply
  • (1) Owner's manual

Product Specs, Manuals & Compatibility

Compatible with TVs, Laptops, and Mobile devices
Manuals & Downloads
General Specifications
Power Consumption
Amplifier Power
Audio Specifications
Frequency Response
80Hz – 20kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Satellite Speaker Specifications
Satellite Depth (mm)
Satellite Transducers
Phoenix SE
Control and Connection Specifications
Input Sensitivity/Impedance
250mV for rated power / >3k Ohms
Satellite Depth (in)
Satellite Height (in)
Satellite Height (mm)
Satellite Width (in)
Satellite Width (mm)
USA Warranty Length
1 Year / 5 Years Warranty
Product Features
Unobtrusive addition to a work environment
The JBL® Duet™ II weighs a mere 2.23 pounds (about 1 kilogram). Each of the two simply designed speakers are 4 inches (102 millimeters) wide and deep, and 10 inches (254 millimeters) tall. They’re unobtrusive, but they look terrific when you do happen to notice them. And the sound they deliver? Another JBL engineering triumph. It will knock you out.
Easy connectivity to nearly anything
The included 3.5mm (1/8-inch) stereo mini-jack connects the JBL® Duet™ II to digital music players, desktop and laptop computers (all platforms), stereos and portable listening devices – you name it. It’s straightforward connectivity with minimum desktop wiring.
Proprietary JBL® Phoenix SE transducers
Phoenix transducers – designed with inherently strong yet lightweight aluminum – allow the JBL® Duet II™ to reproduce sound with unparalleled accuracy and detail. They deliver precise, crystal-clear high frequencies, crisp midrange sound and deep, powerful bass.
Integrated JBL® amplifier
Powering the Phoenix transducers is a muscular and efficient JBL® amplifier that’s designed to deliver high output and minimal distortion. The combination of these technologies means a sound experience for your computer that you’ll have to hear to believe.
Easy to set up, easy to use
No need to be a rocket scientist with the JBL® Duet™ II system. Create the connection to your music sources with a simple 3.5mm (1/8-inch) mini-jack. A touch increases, decreases, mutes or un-mutes the sound. The system even remembers your last volume setting.
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JBL Duet II - High-performance computer speakers
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Small footprint. Superb sound.
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