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  • GTO1014D - 1400-watt, 10
    10" Subwoofer
    10" Subwoofer that delivers all the bass you could ever need. Complete you car audio system with JBL Sound.
Get the lows bumping big with the GTO1014D, a subwoofer design triumph from the JBL® Grand Touring® Series family. It delivers deep, tight bass and serious power with a die-cast aluminum basket, polypropylene cone, rubber surround and a unique tinsel wire protector. Sure, it’s your car. But we know what your standards are – and they’re ours too.

What's In The Box

GTO1014D - 1400-watt, 10
  • (1) GTO1014D 10”die-cast dual-voice-coil subwoofer
  • (1) Owner's Manual

Product Specs, Manuals & Compatibility

Compatible with TVs, Laptops, and Mobile devices
Manuals & Downloads
General Specifications
Grand Touring
Audio Specifications
Peak Power
Power Handling (RMS)
Frequency Response
Nominal Impedance
2 or 8 ohms
(2.83V/1m) 91dB
Power Handling (Peak)
Woofer Specifications
Voice Inductance
@ 1kHz (Levc – mH) 1.2
Motor Force Factor
(Bl – Tm) 10.62
Total Q
(Qts) 0.44
Compliance Volume
(Vas – ft3 / l) 1.07/30.17
Free-Air Resonance
(Fs – Hz) 29.7
Mechanical Q
(Qms) 9.5
Magnetic Gap Height
(Hag – in/mm) 0.31
Suspension Compliance
(Cms – ?m/N) 193
Low-Frequency Transducer
10" (254mm) Polypropylene cone
Driver Radiating Area
(Sd – in2/cm2) 51.20/330
Voice Coil
2" (51mm) diameter
Electrical Q
(Qes) 0.46
Maximum Excursion
(Xmax –in/mm) 0.57/14.5
Voice Coil DC Resistance
(Hvc – in/mm) (Revc – ohms) 1.88
Voice Coil Height
(Hvc – in/mm) 1.45/37
External Diameter (in)
External Diameter (mm)
Mounting Cutout Diameter (in)
Mounting Cutout Diameter (mm)
Mounting Depth (in)
Mounting Depth (mm)
USA Warranty Length
1 Year Warranty
Product Features
Big bass with Polypropylene woofer cone
Road noise can destroy realistic audio that always requires true low frequencies. Polypropylene delivers rigidity, with good internal damping, and complete weather-resistance. You get an impossible-to-miss increase in thumping bass.
A JBL-proprietary frame, broad installation options
The proprietary die-cast frame design allows maximum cone excursion while reducing overall mounting depth. The die-cast structure maintains precise alignment tolerances over years of blasting music and rough roads. You get all the bass you’ve paid for.
Exceptional venting for increased power handling
Woofer motor structures heat up during use, causing distortion, or power compression that reduces music’s dynamic range, robbing the sound of realism. JBL uses vented motor structures and polepieces that get rid of more heat to deliver more serious bang.
Outstanding audio output, low distortion
With 350 watts RMS and 1400 watts of peak power handling, the GTO1014D changes the experience of listening to your favorite music in your car. Dual voice-coils increase system design options by allowing 2-ohm or 8-ohm operation. And a progressive spider gives better control for lower distortion at excursion limits.
Designed for sealed, vented, and bandpass enclosures
Different people have different opinions on what makes for the best subwoofer box. Have it your way with the GTO1014D, it can handle anything.
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GTO1014D - 1400-watt, 10
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1400-watt peak power handling. Oh, yeah. This is what you need.
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