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  • GT-BASSPRO12 - 450-watt, 12
    12" Subwoofer
    12" Subwoofer that delivers all the bass you could ever need. Complete you car audio system with JBL Sound.
The JBL® GT-BassPro12 powered subwoofer is the easy way to add high-output, low-distortion bass to a car audio system. Its Slipstream port design delivers deep, bottom-end bass while minimizing port noise. It also features improved motor-structure venting for thermal protection, a progressive spider to ensure superior mechanical reliability and an amplifier that delivers maximum power and flexibility. And with the system’s remote level control, which lets you adjust bass level while driving, the only time you’ll need to stop is for gas.

What's In The Box

  • (1) GT-BassPro12 Enclosed Subwoofer
  • (1) Owners Manual

Product Specs, Manuals & Compatibility

Compatible with TVs, Laptops, and Mobile devices
Manuals & Downloads
General Specifications
Audio Specifications
Frequency Response
Power Handling (RMS)
50mV – 4V (line-level input); 0.4V – 16V (speaker-level input)
Power Handling (Peak)
Peak Power
Amplifier Power
150 watts RMS; 450 watts max power
Max Current Draw
Idle Current Draw
Crossover Frequency
70Hz – 120Hz
Woofer Specifications
Crossover Slope
Depth (in)
Depth (mm)
Height (in)
Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
Weight (lb)
Width (in)
Width (mm)
USA Warranty Length
1 Year Warranty
Product Features
12" (305mm) polypropylene cone
The JBL® GT-BassPro12 powered subwoofer features a polypropylene cone and a rubber surround to provide superior reliability and cone resonance damping. All of that technology translates into tight, powerful, natural-sounding bass that may outlast your car.
Built-in 150-watt amplifier
The JBL® GT-BassPro12 powered subwoofer system’s built-in amplifier is designed to complement its subwoofer for maximum performance. You won’t have to worry about finding the right amp. We’ve included it for you.
Remote level control
Let the other guy have to stop and pop the trunk. The JBL® GT-BassPro12 powered subwoofer’s remote level control lets you adjust the bass from the driver’s seat, so you can enjoy your ride without interruption.
Progressive spider
The JBL® GT-BassPro12 powered subwoofer’s progressive spider exerts control over the cone’s motion at high excursion for superior reliability even at the highest listening levels.
Vented polepiece
The JBL® GT-Basspro12 powered subwoofer’s vented polepiece helps cool the subwoofer’s motor for improved power handling and lower power compression. That technology makes the JBL® GT-BassPro12 one cool subwoofer.
Slipstream port
A proprietary Slipstream port is a special feature of the JBL® GT-BassPro12 powered subwoofer. The port’s dual flares form an adverse pressure gradient that eliminates port noise at high output – noise that signals that the port is no longer able to pass enough air to operate effectively. The Slipstream port provides clean, distortion-free performance even at the highest output levels.
Oversize, dual-stacked magnets
The JBL® GT-BassPro12 powered subwoofer uses oversized, stacked magnets to increase magnetic flux for higher output and cone motion control, and room for high voice-coil excursion.
Speaker-level and line-level inputs
The JBL® GT-BassPro12 powered subwoofer has flexible connections that allow you to connect it to any car audio system.
Automatic on/off function
The JBL® GT-BassPro12 powered subwoofer automatically turns on when it senses a signal on the speaker level input, eliminating the need for a remote turn-on wire when the system uses the speaker level inputs. What’s more, the GT-BassPro12 will automatically turn itself off a few minutes after the signal stops.
Oversized speaker-protection bars
Your JBL® GT-BassPro12 powered subwoofer looks every bit as powerful as it sounds. Its speaker-protection bars help keep the woofer cone safe and project a sleek, muscular look.
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GT-BASSPRO12 - 450-watt, 12
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