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The Tundra is work ready, family tough, and packs a powerful audio punch, with a JBL Premium Sound system and 12 perfectly positioned speakers. Take bold sound with you from workdays to weekends.

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Quick Specs

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8-channel 440-Watt DSP amplifier

It delivers power to 12loudspeakers, optimizing balance and enhancing tonal blending regardless ofmusic or broadcast source, ensuring premium audio in each seat.

80 mm midrange speaker

With lightweight, high strengthmetal matrix diaphragm construction, this speaker is optimally designed toreproduce the frequencies of the human voice.

19 mm titanium-dome tweeters

Compact, with diaphragms constructedof titanium compounds moulded into extremely rigid yet lightweight shapes,these speakers reproduce the highest frequencies.

152 x 229 mm woofers

Front passengers enjoy world-classsound delivered by high-output woofers integrated with front tweeters andmidrange speakers. The audio experience is solidified with rich, deep bass.

160 mm mid/woofers

With the ability to deliver bothmid-level and low frequencies and mounted low, they help provide a betterlistening experience for rear seat passengers.

200 mm subwoofer

Within its own enclosure, thissubwoofer delivers deep, clear, low-frequency effects and optimises responsefor the entire system.

12 speakers Speakers
≈ 440 W Amplified Power
8-channel DSP amp Technology

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JBL Technologies


    DSP Amplifier

    JBL systems use amps driven by DSP Software for advanced Signal Processing. They deliver the widest range and highest quality of sound on the market.


    Custom Tuning

    Our engineers spend hundreds of hours collaborating with Toyota to make the system match the vehicle. Speakers are strategically placed so each passenger rocks to a full concert from the front of the car to the back.


    Dual Voice Coil (DVC) Subwoofer

    A Dual Voice Coil subwoofer produces deep bass and low-frequency effects with better accuracy and less distortion to enhance any soundtrack for the open road.