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For every journey, the Highlander is designed with you and your music in mind. It’s equipped with 12 powerful speakers in 10 locations and eco-friendly GreenEdgeTM technology, providing unparalleled audio optimised for every passenger.

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80mm HiE midrange speakers

A wide-dispersion speaker with optimised componentsand patent-pending sound lenses to improve sound consistency and coverage.

80/16mm mid/tweeter Unity ExtendedBandwidth speakers

Compact, lightweight,next-generation coaxials reproduce high and middle frequencies. With twodiaphragms and a single motor, they perform like two speakers.

11-channel 825-Watt DSP amplifier

It delivers power to 12loudspeakers, optimizing balance and enhancing tonal blending regardless ofmusic or broadcast source, ensuring optimum audio in each seat.

180 x 270 mm woofers

Front passengers enjoy world-classsound delivered by high-output woofers integrated with midrange speakers. Theaudio experience is solidified with rich, deep bass.

17cm HiE wide-dispersion mid-rangespeakers

They supply the surround sound,bridging the gap between bass and high-frequency, providing fullness, balance,and helping distribute rich sound to every passenger

200 mm subwoofer

Within its own enclosure, thissubwoofer delivers deep, clear, low-frequency effects and optimises responsefor the entire system.

12 speakers Speakers
≈ 825 W Amplified Power
11-channel high voltage Class-H DSP amp Technology

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JBL Technologies


    GreenEdge™ Technology

    An eco-friendly technology initiative, GreenEdgeTM improves sonic performance while reducing power consumption, weight, and heat generation.


    Automatic Sound Levelizer

    ASL makes sure you can hear your music over road noise. As speed increases, so does the volume to compensate for ambient sound.


    Custom Tuning

    Our engineers spend hundreds of hours collaborating with Toyota to make the system match the vehicle. Speakers are strategically placed so each passenger rocks to a full concert from the front of the car to the back.