JBL Premium Sound

The JBL Premium Sound System in the Tundra CrewMax consists of 12 speakers, all optimally positioned to help ensure that the listening experience is nothing less than spectacular from all seating locations. A state-of-the-art, eight-channel Digital Signal Processing (DSP) amplifier delivers 440 Watts of pure power to the Tundra's speakers. All two-channel audio formats are enhanced by this premium sound system.

Included Components

  • 8-channel DSP amplifier. 440 Watts. Twelve speakers in 12 locations.
  • One 80mm midrange speaker in the center of the instrument panel.
  • Two 80mm midrange speakers, at either end of the instrument panel.
  • Two 19mm tweeters mounted near the windshield's A-pillars.
  • Two 152 x 229 mm. woofers, one in each front door.
  • Two 19mm tweeters in the rear doors.
  • Two 160mm mid/woofers in the rear doors.
  • One 200mm subwoofer centrally located behind the rear seat.


Interactive Sound System Guide

80mm Midrange Speaker

80mm Midrange Speaker

Centrally mounted in the instrument panel, this high-output speaker provides the center channel of the JBL premium system. Its ability to reproduce a wide range of frequencies is enhanced by its light weight yet high strength metal matrix diaphragm. Vital for imaging vocalists, the center speaker is optimally designed to reproduce the frequencies of the human voice.