JBL Premium Sound with GreenEdge™ Technologies

Camry is one of the first of many Toyota models to receive the benefits of JBL GreenEdge™, a suite of technologies that improves audio system performance while reducing environmental impact. The Camry's GreenEdge optimized JBL system delivers improved overall dynamic performance and higher Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) with considerably lower power consumption - up to 50% less at maximum volume.

Of course the listening experience is also enhanced, with exceptional acoustic performance, including dynamics that more closely match the source materials.

Included Components

  • 8-channel high-voltage DSP surround-sound amplifier. 120 GreenEdge Watts ˜ 600 Equivalent Watts. Ten speakers in eight locations.
  • One 80mm High-Efficiency (HiE) midrange speaker in the center of the instrument panel.
  • Two Unity Extended Bandwidth speakers (80mm midrange with 19mm tweeter), at either end of the instrument panel.
  • Two 178 x 254mm. HiE woofers, one in each front door.
  • Two 80mm HiE midrange speakers in the rear shelf.
  • One 178 x 254 mm. HiE subwoofer located in the center of the rear shelf.


Interactive Sound System Guide

80mm Midrange Speaker

80mm Midrange Speaker

The center channel uses an 80mm High-Efficiency (HiE) wide-dispersion midrange speaker mounted in the center of the instrument panel. Like all of this system's speakers, it is a high efficiency design with optimized components. This wide-dispersion speaker uses patent-pending sound lenses to improve the consistency and coverage of the sound that it produces.