GreenEdge™ is a suite of HARMAN technologies that delivers improved overall audio performance and higher Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) while radically reducing the amount of electrical energy needed to power the system. Three key elements comprise a GreenEdge system: High-voltage amplification, high-efficiency loudspeakers and advanced signal processing. GreenEdge enabled JBL systems will be available on most Toyota vehicles as new models are introduced.

Higher Performance + Efficiency

Amazingly, GreenEdge™ audio systems use less power while increasing audio output and improving both the accuracy and clarity of the sound.

High-voltage GreenEdge amplifiers are designed with more efficient switching power supplies. The speakers feature a new highly efficient design that produces greater output for a given amount of input power. Custom-designed acoustic lenses and horns optimize the sound coverage area and also increase efficiency. Active equalization and a set of advanced signal processing tools refine the sound by continually monitoring speaker performance and optimizing the amplifier signal for each dedicated speaker.

The results are impressive:

  • High-powered GreenEdge amplifiers achieve 90% efficiency compared to 35-50% for conventional amplifiers.
  • GreenEdge enabled systems typically play 6 dB louder with increased audio fidelity.
  • Clarity is higher and distortion is lower across all listening volumes.

Like many new technologies, traditional methods of describing GreenEdge attributes no longer apply. Just as compact fluorescent or LED bulbs provide equivalent lumens using lower Wattage, a GreenEdge optimized audio system produces higher output or Sound Pressure Levels (SPL), measured in decibels , while consuming less power. This requires the use of an Equivalent Watts rating, based on the amount of power required for a traditional system to achieve the same level and quality of sound.

GreenEdge™ Benefits

Energy Savings

GreenEdge enabled JBL audio systems use dramatically less electrical energy. For example, at maximum volume, the JBL audio system in the 2012 Camry reduces power consumption by up to 50%. Lower current draw from the audio system reduces the load on the vehicle's alternator, which can help extend mileage capabilities or even extend battery-only "EV" range for hybrids.

Heat Reduction

New GreenEdge optimized power supplies produce high-output voltages while minimizing heat. Quite simply, GreenEdge technologies help keep the amplifier and speakers cooler, which can eliminate heat dissipation devices and cooling fans. Reduced heat generation not only makes audio-system "packaging" and placement optimal for Toyota engineers, but it can also help increase component longevity and the overall lifecycle of the system - a benefit to the environment and your peace of mind.

Weight Savings

GreenEdge technologies reduce the total system weight from all components, including the amplifier and speakers. This leads to many vehicle benefits, including the possible incremental gains in fuel efficiency. Typical weight and packaging savings are 10-30%. The JBL audio system in the 2012 Camry, for example, weighs 25% less than the 2011 Camry audio system.


GreenEdge systems feature reduced energy consumption, size and weight - all important benefits. In addition, environmentally sensitive manufacturing of GreenEdge electronic components drastically reduces levels of heavy metals. All in all, GreenEdge optimized audio systems produce benefits for Toyota vehicles, their occupants and the environment.