JBL Premium Sound

This JBL audio system has been specially engineered for the RAV4's unique passenger compartment properties, and specifically equalized to provide an unparalleled listening experience for all occupants. Its digital signal processing (DSP) amplifier produces an amazing 576 Watts of power on demand, providing cabin-filling sound to 11 strategically located speakers. The speakers utilize the latest GreenEdge technologies for light weight combined with incredible transient response. And for tight, punchy bass, the 200mm subwoofer is mounted in its own engineered enclosure.

System Overview: JBL Premium Sound

  • 8-channel DSP amplifier. 576 Watts. Eleven speakers in seven locations.
  • Two 80/16mm mid/tweeter Unity Extended Bandwidth speakers, one at either end of the instrument panel.
  • Two 170mm wide-dispersion woofers, one in each front door.
  • Two 170/25mm full range/tweeter coaxial speakers, one in each rear door.
  • One 200mm subwoofer in its own enclosure in the rear cargo area.


Interactive Sound System Guide

80/16mm Mid/Tweeters

Each of these advanced Unity Extended Bandwidth speakers features two diaphragms but just a single motor for the equivalent performance of two speakers. Think of them as next-generation coaxial speakers, but in a more elegant design. Compact and light in weight, these Unity speakers reproduce both high and middle frequencies of sound, expanding the soundstage for all vehicle occupants.