JBL Premium Sound

The Highlander JBL audio system incorporates nine loudspeakers in seven locations. Its advanced eight-channel digital signal processing (DSP) amplifier produces 440 Watts of crystal clear power to properly drive each of the nine specialized loudspeakers in the system. The audio system was engineered for Highlander's unique passenger-cabin properties, including interior trim materials and passenger seating positions, equalizing each channel to provide an unparalleled audio experience for each occupant. All two-channel listening formats are enhanced by the JBL Premium Sound System.

Included Components

  • 8-channel DSP amplifier. 440 Watts. Nine speakers in seven locations.
  • Two 65mm mid/tweeters, at either end of the instrument panel.
  • Two 152 x 229 mm. woofers, one in each front door.
  • Two 160/25mm full range/tweeter coaxial speakers in the rear doors.
  • One 200mm subwoofer in the rear hatch.


Interactive Sound System Guide

65mm Mid/Tweeters

65mm Mid/Tweeters

These hybrid mid/tweeter speakers are positioned in the upper surface of the instrument panel, reproducing the middle and higher frequencies of the auditory response range. Their metal matrix diaphragm construction, which is both rigid and light in weight, helps eliminate high-frequency distortion, while dissipating heat generated from rapid movement during higher frequency sound reproduction.