JBL Premium Sound

The JBL Premium Sound System in the 4Runner consists of 15 speakers in nine locations, all optimally positioned to help ensure that the listening experience is nothing less than spectacular from all seating locations. A state-of-the-art, 10-channel Digital Signal Processing (DSP) amplifier delivers an amazing 550 Watts of pure power to the 4Runner's speakers. The system is designed to achieve the highest level of performance, responsiveness and fidelity in each of these critical sonic attributes:

  • A stable, three-dimensional imaging and soundstage project true-to-life acoustics that are as accurate as they are ear-pleasing.
  • High resolution renders the subtle auditory details that transform an ordinary track into an enveloping acoustic experience.
  • Harmonic richness fills the 4Runner passenger cabin with inspiring instrumentals, expressive vocals and stirring bass.
  • Natural dynamics deliver a pure, responsive reproduction of the original performance.
  • Superb musicality, which is the ability of the audio system to deliver the emotional, mood-setting quality of the source music.

Included Components

  • 10-channel DSP amplifier. 550 Watts. 15 speakers in nine locations.
  • Two 80/16mm midrange/tweeters, at either end of the instrument panel.
  • Two 152 x 229 mm. woofers, one in each front door.
  • Two 160/19mm midwoofers/tweeters, one in each rear door.
  • Two 160/19mm midwoofers/tweeters in the rear trim panels.
  • One 200mm subwoofer in the rear trim panel.


Interactive Sound System Guide

80/16mm Midrange/Tweeter Coaxial Speakers

80/16mm Midrange/Tweeter Coaxial Speakers

The 80mm midrange speakers with integral 16mm metal-dome tweeters are mounted at either end of the instrument panel. The two-way, bi-amplified front channels provide dynamically and harmonically rich reproduction, presenting a wide, stable sound image to listeners. Titanium is used for the tweeter cones because it is both rigid and lightweight, helping to eliminate high-frequency distortion. The dedicated tweeters project ultra-clear high frequencies and help elevate the soundstage.