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Kit 2 vias 6 ½ ”

Com classificações de potência máxima (pico) de 640 a 1800 Watts, os alto-falantes e subwoofers da série MS da JBL adicionarão potência ao sistema de áudio de qualquer automóvel. No entanto, a série MS também diz respeito à flexibilidade, oferecendo as opções de fiação exatas para projetar o sistema de áudio para automóveis com que você sempre sonhou. O sistema do componente MS-52C inclui woofers e tweeters com crossovers passivos externos de alta qualidade que contam com resistores Dale, capacitores em poliéster, controles de nível e de fase de tweeter para ajustar a resposta do sistema de acordo com a acústica do seu veículo e seu gosto pessoal. Com 160 Watts de potência contínua e 640 Watts de potência máxima, você obterá mais do que sempre desejou.

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JBL® MS-62C at a glance:

  • 6-1/2-inch fiberglass laminate woofer cone with vented, cast-aluminum basket
  • Titanium inverted-dome tweeter
  • Separate woofer and tweeter modules with a high-quality external crossover
  • Woofer phase plug
  • Spring-loaded push terminals
  • Ideal for use with the JBL® MS-8 automatic DSP equalizer and MS-A1004 digital amplifier

Proven technologies.
To realistically recreate the experience of listening to live sound, the MS-62C shares a number of innovative JBL® technologies and materials that give it a pronounced performance advantage over competitive systems in its price range.

Fiberglass laminate woofer cones.
A lightweight fiberglass laminate woofer cone with vented, cast-aluminum basket effectively dissipates heat to play louder without the distortion caused by power compression. A woofer phase plug further reduces heat buildup by allowing air to move freely within the motor assembly for greater voice-coil cooling.

Titanium inverted-dome tweeter.
As important as bass output is, realistic, full-spectrum audio also requires bright, pronounced high-frequency sound, and road noise is especially destructive of those particular frequencies. The MS-62C tweeter features a fast titanium inverted-dome diaphragm that rings out clearly above both the bass you want and the road noise you don’t.

Separate woofer and tweeter modules with external crossover.
The MS-62C systems feature separate woofer and tweeter modules with a high-quality external passive crossover with wire-wound resistors, polypropylene caps and tweeter level and phase controls that let you precisely regulate crossover frequencies to suit your personal taste or the acoustic characteristics of your vehicle.

Part of the new JBL® MS Series.
Like the other MS subwoofers and component speakers, the MS-62C is ideal for use with JBL® MS digital amplifiers and the MS-8 system integration digital processor, the revolutionary new component that automatically maximizes the frequency response, bass performance, dynamics, clarity, detail and stereo imaging of any car audio system. Team one or more pairs of MS-62Cs with an MS-A1004 digital amplifier and the MS-8, and you won’t just have maxed out the power and fidelity of your existing sound system, you will own the road.

Driven to be great.
If music is important to you, you should be hearing it the way it was meant to be heard, whenever and wherever you listen, and your car is a great place to begin. The JBL® MS-62C can easily take any car audio system to the next level of performance.

More than 60 years of audio leadership.
JBL® professional loudspeakers have set the standard for accuracy and realism in the reproduction of recorded sound for more than 60 years. You can hear the JBL sound in premier performance and recording venues around the world. Best-selling musicians have been performing with JBL loudspeakers on the road since the original Woodstock music festival. Leading movie studios and record labels, major sports arenas and public spaces, and more than half of all movie theaters worldwide rely on JBL equipment. But you don’t have to be a musician or audio professional to hear your favorite music tracks the way they were recorded, mixed and mastered. JBL expertise extends beyond the box office to your home, your car and even your desktop – with innovative consumer systems that incorporate many of the same advanced technologies, materials and manufacturing techniques originally developed for our professional systems.

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