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Computer Speakers
Your computer comes with a speaker, so why do you need anything else? The difference between the sound modules in your computer and speakers from JBL is the difference between seeing a photo of a waterfall and actually showering under it. Rich, accurate, full-bodied sound that captures everything from a soft whisper to the roars of thunder – you can’t beat that, and you can get it from JBL.

desktop speaker systems
Some of JBL’s highest technology goes into its desktop speaker systems – and some of the company’s most stunning designs come along for the ride. The stylish JBL Duet™ series will dress up any work station, the futuristic JBL Spot™ and whimsical JBL Spyro™ come in a variety of striking colours and patterns, and the eye-catching Creature® looks like it comes from outer space. All of these systems offer spectacular JBL sound along with their startling appearance. Whether you prefer a streamlined look or something curvier, JBL speakers will give you rich bass, crystal-clear midrange and silky-smooth highs.
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