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Our professional heritage is the foundation for the JBL® brand, and it’s what we’re known for. it’s also what puts JBL car audio miles ahead of the competition. Trick out a factory-installed audio system or build a world-class competition ride with JBL loudspeakers as the centerpiece.

multi-element (coaxials)
Multielements are clearly the easiest way to upgrade your factory system. They are integrated speakers that include a midrange/woofer and tweeter, and are designed to fit right into factory locations with little or no modification.
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component systems
Component systems are the perfect way to put together a system with superior imaging. These systems consist of a midrange/woofer and separate tweeter. In most cases, these systems also come with a pair of separate passive-crossover networks. The midrange/woofer in these systems are designed to fit into a factory location, while the tweeter is designed to be installed in a factory opening or in a custom location using our included I-Mount™ tweeter mounting kit.
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