Personal Audio


The old rules no longer apply. Desktops, laptops and MP3 players have revolutionized our lives, changing how we spend our time, and where and how we listen to our music. And as with all revolutions involving audio, JBL® products have been pioneers – from award-winning, self-powered speaker systems that bring video games to life, to innovative, compact docking stations for the iPod and other portable music players.

Our headphones deliver all the sonic realism and deep, distortion-free bass you expect from the world’s leading professional audio brand. These compact, lightweight headphones can go with you anywhere, so your music is never left behind. Choose high-performance earphones that are so comfortable that you may forget you’re wearing them.
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Desktop stereo, simplified. How many boxes and wires do you need for great desktop stereo? Our computer speakers offer a complete stereo system in a single enclosure that connects to your computer, portable music player or game console – any device with a stereo mini jack – with just one wire. And the sound? Powerful, thanks to digital amplification. Realistic, thanks to DSP equalization. And loaded with clean, undistorted JBL bass. You’ve got enough stuff cluttering up your desktop, as it is.
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Radically altering the way you use your iPod, our compact, high-performance speaker docks let you wake up to music stored on your iPod, instead of to annoying buzzers or fuzzy radio reception. Just connect it to your iPod or other music source to experience clean, powerful sound. The JBL On Time™ system includes a radio, a clock and a dual alarm and is the world’s first time machine to feature a menu-driven, intuitive user interface.
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