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Speaker Docking Systems
We all need a place to rest and recharge. JBL speaker docking systems offer all of that and more to your iPod and mobile phone. For one thing, JBL speaker docks offer virtually unmatched sound, turning your phone or iPod into a concert hall that fits in your hand. A combination recharger and sound system, all in a stylish, streamlined design – JBL has it ready for you.

iPod docking
JBL has multiple machines where you can dock and play your iPod. Each of these speaker systems includes a remote control – not to mention a stereo mini-jack that allows you to enjoy high-quality audio from a variety of other devices, such as MP3 and CD players and both desktop and laptop computers. Some of JBL’s speaker docks are nearly as portable as an iPod, and all of them offer the rich, complete sound that has made JBL famous.
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mobile phone
If you have an iPhone JBL has docks for you. The docks’ speakers give you the kind of audio experience that a phone can barely touch on its own. Many of the speaker docks include proprietary JBL technology that competing companies don’t have, so you’ll get sound of a quality that you just can’t get anywhere else.
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