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Simple Sound Solutions
The JBL® MS-8 is a new kind of car audio component, a DSP equalizer that optimizes the frequency response, bass performance, dynamics, clarity, stereo imaging and detail of your existing car audio system – all automatically. Using the speakers and electronics you already have, the MS-8 lets you tailor your acoustics for maximum sonic impact. Sound impossible? A 10-minute, menudriven setup procedure with feedback from a binaural headset microphone will prove it beyond all doubt. The MS-8 is Step 1 for great car audio. And there is no Step 2. No other upgrade comes close.

Digital sound processing (DSP) allows JBL to create solution based products that greatly enhance the performance of your car audio system by performing powerful corrections in equalization, time arrival and crossover. The end result is always an audio performance that puts you front stage and center at live performance.
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