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The worldwide authority in audio reproduction for 60 years
Wherever you are, wherever you’re going and everywhere in between, no brand has more ways to engage your senses and entertain your brain than JBL. Our technology and experience bridge the worlds of consumer and professional sound. Building the equipment that music and movie professionals insist on and critical listeners prefer is rigorous, exacting work, involving lots of math and engineering. But don’t let that take the fun out of it for you. All you have to do is enjoy.

Our speakers includes systems for struggling students, young couples just starting out, and professionals moving up in the world. But that’s not to forget about all the royal families, software billionaires and lottery winners out there. With the professional-grade technologies, materials and engineering you’d expect from the world’s leading professional audio brand, high-end JBL loudspeakers achieve a level of sonic accuracy that is simply unequaled in systems intended for home use. These speakers aren’t affordable for everyone...but they definitely give everyone something to aspire to.
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multiroom systems
You don’t have to buy wireless speakers to go wireless. Our innovative new On Air WEM-1 system lets you add wireless capability to virtually any speakers and even subwoofers, including the ones you already own. Just connect the 2.4GHz transmitter to your music system, and the receiver/amplifier to your speakers. With 50-watts-per-channel power, five preset equalization curves for popular JBL speakers, and an included stand and wall-mounting bracket, you’ll enjoy maximum placement flexibility and rich, full-spectrum sound, even in large rooms – without the hassle of wiring.
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